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5 Ways to Stay Relaxed on a Daily Basis

Practicing the skills of staying relaxed or becoming relaxed can make a tremendous difference in a person’s health. Constantly stressing out or worrying about things in life that can go wrong is not a healthy mindset to have, especially on a day-to-day basis. In honor of Relaxation Day, here are five notable methods to help one stay relaxed in their daily life that each provides their own unique benefits:


A quick and simple way to relieve stress is to practice exercises that have to do with your breathing. Usually, when people become stressed out their breathing patterns start to change and their breathing rapidly increases. Slowly breathing is a good start to becoming relaxed because when you start creating slow and deep breaths, you’re allowing your brain to calm down and relax. Breathing exercises help to aid your stress levels and hopefully diminish them. Overall, your breath is a powerful tool to ease stress and make you feel more relaxed.

Have A Good Laugh

Laughter is another great method of staying relaxed. Laughing, especially every day, is a delightful and natural way to release tension in your body and also helps to take your mind off stressful thoughts. If you have the time, watching a comedic movie or a favorite television show that always brings you to tears is a good idea for bringing in a little laughter to your day. If you don’t have much time to do either of these, maintaining a sense of humor throughout your regular day is also an ideal idea to help stay in a good and light-hearted mood.

Being Optimistic

Much of what stresses us out in life comes from our reactions to negative aspects impacting our lives. With this, it’s important to actually acknowledge stressful or negative situations in your life and change your interpretation of these situations. Reacting to situations in a negative way is never a way that brings peace and relaxation, but even more stress. Practicing the concept of optimism is a smart idea to look at things in a different light and understanding that there is good to even bad situations. It’s important to change your initial perspective of negative situations and interpret certain facts of a situation in a way that brings hope and eliminates self-doubt.

Listen to Music

Music can instantly change your state of mind. Listening to music on a daily basis, which most people usually do, causes a sense of relaxation and comfort. Music also helps to take stressful things off your mind whether it be work, school, relationships, or anything else that is detrimental to your mental health. Simply putting in a pair of headphones and playing one of your favorite “feel-good” songs is a great method to relieve any stress you have and enjoy a few moments of relaxation in your day. Genres of classical music have been proven to reduce stress levels and even as background noise, it can have a significant impact on your mood, productivity, and creativity.

Remember That Most Things Are Not That Serious

With everyday life, the idea that most things are not serious can be forgotten or consumed by a person’s busy life. However, this idea is crucial to not taking everything in your life so seriously and allows you to take things lightly and bring humor to situations, both good and bad. If there is something in your life that is stressing you out, it’s smart to take a second and evaluate that it probably isn’t the end of the world for you, but a process of not taking it as seriously. Even with extreme situations, there is always room to look at things in an optimistic light, as mentioned earlier, and not let the negativity impact your mental health.

If you’re an ambitious or busy person, your life will most likely have stress. There’s no getting around it. However, you can change your attitude and response towards it. Use it to fuel your performance and let it go when you don’t need it. Practicing the methods and ideas mentioned above will help to reduce stress in your daily life and convert that stress into different forms of relaxation and enjoyment. It’s key to implement relaxation into your everyday life as it is a process that decreases the effects of stress on your mind and body.

Relaxation techniques can help you cope with everyday stress and stress related to various health problems. Whatever strategies you use, practice and use them often, and you can maintain a much more relaxed lifestyle. Your stress management efforts will be most effective if you continue to learn about stress and practice stress relief techniques regularly.