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Best Suboxone Clinic

Getting help for opioid addiction is the first step towards improving your life. Opioid dependence is an epidemic in America. It affects a significant number of Americans who feel the impact of substance abuse. Consequently, many addiction treatment facilities are offering opioid abuse treatment. These centers often use Suboxone during treatment. Finding the best Suboxone clinic can be a challenge. 

What is Suboxone? 

Suboxone combines Naloxone and Buprenorphine to yield the drug doctors prescribe to recovering opioid addicts. It alleviates withdrawal symptoms and discourages drug misuse. The DEA classifies the drug as a Schedule III substance. Consequently, you can only access it legally via a valid prescription. Doctors that prescribe them undergo intense training and must meet set qualifications before obtaining their licenses. 

Buprenorphine and Naloxone work in two distinct ways. Buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist, activates opioid receptors, but to a smaller extent than opioids. The drug impacts these receptors only enough to alleviate withdrawal signs. Naloxone, an opioid antagonist, blocks the effect of opioids. This action discourages recovering opioid addicts from swapping one substance with another. 

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Suboxone replaced methadone as being a medication for recovering opioid addicts. Methadone was the preferred form of treatment for some time. However, medics found that it caused troubling side effects. Methadone is also highly addictive, and its withdrawal symptoms are similar to those of heroin. People use Suboxone as a replacement for methadone. Many specialists consider it a safer option when you use it following a valid prescription. 

Suboxone Doctors 

Qualified doctors prescribe Suboxone to recovering opioid addicts for easing their withdrawal symptoms. As Suboxone is a controlled substance, doctors that prescribe it must have the right qualifications. The medic does a urinalysis to ensure you are not taking anything that would have a negative interaction with Suboxone. The physician can prescribe Suboxone if your results show no cause for concern. You may need to comply with stringent regulations throughout the treatment.

Should You Use Suboxone? 

A credible doctor will only prescribe Suboxone to you if you meet specific criteria. This criterion involves: 

  • You want to overcome opioid dependence 
  • You are fighting opioid dependence 
  • Your environment is favorable for your recovery (supportive family and enough resources for treatment) 

 Suboxone may be inappropriate for you under these circumstances. 

  • You have suicidal thoughts or a mental condition that you are not receiving treatment for 
  • You do not have a physical dependence on opioids 
  • You have a history of methadone or Suboxone addiction
  • You have an alcohol addiction
  • You are taking medications that can interact with Suboxone negatively 
  • You have a medical condition that might affect you using Suboxone
  • You have had a negative response to Suboxone previously
  • You are expectant 

Getting a prescription before using Suboxone to help with opioid addiction is necessary. You will know whether the drug is appropriate for you. 

Dangers of Suboxone Use 

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Suboxone can have the following side effects when you use it in the short term. 

  • Tongue pain
  • Constipation
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Mouth redness or numbness
  • Stomach pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Headache
  • Back pain 

There are several risks of long term use of Suboxone. These dangers include the possibility of developing an addiction to Suboxone. Failure to follow prescriptions may also increase your chances of becoming addicted. Following a valid prescription reduces your likelihood of having any of these effects. 

Do You Need Treatment? 

While some people recognize when they have substance use disorders, others do not acknowledge they need help. Accepting that you need help is the first crucial step towards getting better. You may need assistance for addiction if:

  1. You have a high tolerance for opioids or Suboxone (you need more drugs to feel the same effects) 
  2. You prioritize taking drugs over other activities, such as jobs or following the law 
  3. You have strained relationships with your loved ones because of your drug abuse
  4. You experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking drugs 
  5. You are not following your Suboxone prescription 

If you meet these criteria, you need help with your drug dependence. 

Ways to Find the Best Suboxone Clinic Near You 

Here are some helpful tips that can help you find the best Suboxone clinic. 

1. Research Before Contacting a Suboxone Clinic 

Research online to see the services, reviews, and contacts of Suboxone clinics. Once you find one that seems to be appropriate for you, call them to find out additional information or verify what you discovered. Be ready with questions before ringing them. You may choose to ask about their treatment methods, cost, and whether they accept your insurance cover. 

2. Get a Match via the NAABT’s Treatment Match Locator 

The National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment helps patients find Suboxone clinics near them. If you choose to use their platform, you will enter your details on the site. A Suboxone clinic on the podium taking in more addicts will contact you. The website claims to protect your confidentiality. You will call platforms that reach out to you and meet your requirements. 

3. Confirm if Your Primary Care Medic Prescribes Suboxone 

Your doctor could be prescribing Suboxone to patients. Let the medic know you have an opioid addiction, and you could get the help you need. If the doctor lacks the authority, you can ask if they can get the waiver necessary for prescriptions. 

4. Search for Suboxone Clinics around You 

You can look for clinics near you online. Use search engines to see local options. Alternatively, try SAMHSA’s buprenorphine provider locator. Getting help is crucial for the life you are choosing. Finding the best Suboxone clinic is essential. 

Other Services Suboxone Clinics Are Likely to Offer 

Treating opioid addiction with Suboxone alone is likely to be ineffective. Besides Suboxone treatment, facilities are likely to offer other services. These services may include counseling, aftercare planning, and rehabilitation. A mix of care is necessary to ensure you get better. 

How Much Does Treatment Cost 

The cost of your treatment will largely depend on the amount your insurance covers. It will also rely on whether a facility accepts the insurance. Confirm this information before committing to anything. Most facilities recognize most policies, and they are willing to work out a suitable payment plan for you. 

Seek Opioid Treatment from Novo Detox 

Novo Detox center is a reputable addiction treatment facility in Los Angeles, California. Novo Detox treats many substance use disorders, including opioids and alcohol dependence. With more than ten specialists staff, the center has more than 40 years worth of experience in the addiction treatment industry. 

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The center has several reputable accreditations, including one from The California Department of Health Care Services. Novo Detox offers reliable care. Many past and current clients of the facility speak highly of its services. Recovering addicts choose Novo Detox because we focus on safety, comfort, and effective treatment. The center can help you get the Suboxone treatment you need. 


Opioid use is a significant challenge in America. As more Americans continue to rely on opioids, there is a growing need for facilities that provide reliable addiction treatment. Suboxone is a medication that doctors are prescribing to help addicts quit opioid abuse. It has Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Buprenorphine activates opioid receptors to alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms, while Naloxone blocks the effects of opioids. You need a valid prescription to use Suboxone as using it has some risks. 

Getting the right treatment to help with opioid addiction is crucial. Novo Detox offers the help you need to overcome addictions. We give different services to our clients to help them get better. Our facility provides the comfort, supervision, and safety you need to overcome your addiction. Most of our clients speak highly of our services, and we have a high success rate at helping addicts. 

Contact us today to find out we can assist you in overcoming your addiction.