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Coronavirus Isolation and Addiction Recovery

COVID-19, caused by coronavirus, was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization in March 2020. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, people around the world have been asked to practice social distancing and self-isolation. This is a measure put in place to protect ourselves and those around us. 

However, this measure can cause relapse in addicts trying to recover or cause severe withdrawal symptoms in rehab outpatients. Joining support groups and attending AA meetings helps addicts recover from their addiction. This is, however, not possible in the current times. It is also well known that self-isolation can trigger a relapse and cause depression in the addict. Individuals who have mental health conditions are also at a high risk of their conditions worsening.

Self-isolation is much more difficult for early recovery patients, and they are at a higher risk of relapse.

6 Effects of Isolation on Recovering Addicts

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1. Disruption of Daily Routines

Due to the pandemic, you probably have to work from home or attend online classes and cannot participate in your usual daily activities. This disruption of daily life could have negative effects on your recovery from addiction

2. Being Away from Support Groups

Physical meetings and attending support groups plays a vital role in the sobriety journey of most patients. The way you get to share your experiences and coping mechanisms and hear others. You gain hope every time you see a person recover from their addiction after years of struggle. You get recognized and appreciated after every small step you make towards sobriety. 

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However, with the ongoing pandemic, most support groups and AA meetings have been canceled to prevent the spread of the virus. Recovering addicts are in isolation in their homes. 

3. Inability to Access Therapy Services

Addiction is known to be deeper than physical substance abuse. Most patients attend therapy and counseling sessions to help determine the root source of their addiction. With the ongoing pandemic, most therapists have closed their offices, and patients can no longer walk in for their appointments.

4. Psychological Distress

Psychological distress is emotional suffering caused by stressors and demands that are hard to cope with in life.  With the ongoing pandemic, you are worried about the safety and health of your loved ones. The COVID-19 cases and deaths could also take a toll on you. This is very frustrating, and there is little you can do little about it. This could cause you psychological distress and affect your recovery from addiction.

5. Depression

Social isolation and separation from daily activities can easily cause depression. This is more so for individuals who are in isolation alone during this pandemic. This is because loneliness is more likely to cause depression compared to isolation. 

6. Withdrawal Symptoms

For outgoing rehab patients, isolating and not going to the rehab daily could easily cause a relapse or an onset of withdrawal symptoms. These physical and mental symptoms will have you feeling sick and hopeless with little you can do, especially in locked down states.

7 Ways You Can Continue Your Recovery During Isolation

1. Creating a New Routine

Come up with a new daily routine during isolation to minimize idleness or completely ensure that you’re fully occupied. Ensure that the activities on your routine are things you enjoy doing so that it is easy for you to accomplish them. Be sure to change your routine occasionally, to avoid monotony.

2. Joining Online Support Group Meetings

Organizations and detox centers, such as Novo Detox, located in L.A, have now resorted to online meetings and online group activities. Register with the rehabilitation center and attend their online group meetings and participate in the group activities to ensure you feel supported while in isolation in the safety of your home. This will also help fight off the feeling of loneliness.

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3. Therapy

Enroll yourself with a therapist who has online services. Therapy is essential in the recovery of an individual suffering from addiction. Detox, on its own, cannot completely ensure sobriety. It is, therefore, essential for you to continue therapy even in isolation.

4. Engaging Yourself in Mind Building Activities

Reading a book or listening to a favorite podcast during your day will engage your mind. This is necessary to ensure that you are not idle. This reduces the chances of a relapse.

5. Physical Exercise

Physical exercise distracts you from your cravings and desires. Physical exercises such as regular swimming reduce voluntary morphine consumption in opium-dependent users. Working out also adds structure to your day as well as being beneficial for your overall health.

6. Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies such as yoga help in calming your nervous system. They also relax your muscles and mental synapses even when your addictions are triggered. Holistic therapies are also known to help you perform everyday tasks.

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7. Joining a Detox Center as an Inpatient

Some detox facilities are still accepting patients during this pandemic. There is a higher sobriety success rate once you are an inpatient at a rehab center. More so if you’re struggling with a serious addiction such as cocaine addiction or marijuana addiction. 

Novo Detox and Rehab Center

Novo Detox and Rehab Center is a luxury 24/7 drug and alcohol detox, a rehabilitation center in Los Angeles, California. We provide top quality detox services in a comfortable and compassionate environment. The medical staff at our drug rehabilitation center take their time with you and work to ensure your optimal recovery. We customize a recovery plan according to your own needs. 

Our patients are engaged in holistic therapies such as yoga to help calm their nervous systems and mental synapses. This ensures they learn how to control their addiction and cravings even when they leave our detox center. We also engage our patients in dialectical behavior therapies. This helps them learn how to control their emotions and cope positively with stress. This therapy is essential during the ongoing global pandemic.  

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Final Word

COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by W.H.O., and to reduce the spread of its contagious virus, people around the world have been asked to isolate. This measure is, however, having negative effects on recovering addicts. These effects include psychological distress in the individual, depression, and onset of withdrawal symptoms. The individual struggling with addiction may resort to negative coping mechanisms, and it will easily trigger a relapse.

You can, however, continue with your recovery, even in the comfort of your home during isolation. You can start by creating a new routine to replace your disrupted daily routine. Joining online support group meetings and working with a therapist who has online services is also vital in your recovery. Ensure you also engage in physical exercises and holistic therapies to help you relax your mind. It is also recommended to join a detox center as an inpatient for a higher recovery success rate.

Novo Detox Center is a luxurious detox and rehab center located in Los Angeles, California. Our drug treatment methods include both medical treatment and therapy. This ensures complete recovery in our patients. Contact us today. Your optimal recovery is our goal.
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