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Discharge Planning

NOVO highly recommends that you have the strongest and most supportive discharge plan possible to support recovery and relapse prevention.

Our case manager will work with you to implement the best plan possible for your unique needs by introducing you to your options. These options may include a sober companion, a sub-acute rehab sober living, a sober living residence, professional’s residential treatment program (PTP), or intensive outpatient program (IOP). It is highly recommended to continue on-going therapy with either a therapist, addiction psychologist, addiction psychiatrist or a social worker to continue working on issues that were discovered during your detox treatment with your NOVO case manager. It is not uncommon to have an individual therapist and or an addiction psychiatrist to assist you in stabilizing for a period of time.

NOVO: a source of support and accountability:

12 Step Involvement

The “12 step involvement” is the most recommended and highly available support for someone trying to remain sober and substance free. The consistency, high level of availability, and opportunity to connect to other people who have similar goals is irreplaceable.


Soberlink is a service that operates through a smartphone device. It sends random indications to breathalyze into the device. It will take a picture of the person blowing into the device for verification. If the test comes positive, your pre-designated therapist, doctor, sponsor or family member will be notified at once.

Sober Coach

Sober Coach is an ongoing professional relationship that focuses on recovery issues and managing daily life in the new sober lifestyle.

Medical-Assisted Support

Medical-Assisted Support is a medication prescribed by your addiction psychiatrist that reduces cravings for alcohol or opiates which can be administered orally (daily), injectables (monthly) or transplants (every six months).

Over-Plan Your Discharge

You can never over plan your discharge goals to prevent relapse, as planning will assist you in taking the stress out of your daily ups and downs. Planning and organization will allow you to spend more time focusing on becoming the best version of yourself.

You deserve to live your best life by taking the time to enjoy your journey discovering the real you that has been lying dormant in the shadows of your addictive behavior.