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Luxury Drug & Alcohol Detox, Residential Rehab, PHP & IOP in Los Angeles, California
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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation at Novo Detox in Los Angeles, California

Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California

At Novo Medical Detox & Residential Rehab Center in Los Angeles California, we provide residential programs for a wide variety of alcohol and drug addictions. Your recovery with Novo Detox focuses on treating withdrawal symptoms quickly by keeping you comfortable and treating you with respect as you begin your recovery. There is a reason people choose Novo Medical Detox and Residential Rehab Treatment Center as the best detox treatment programs for themselves or their loved ones. Our knowledge in addiction recovery comes from real-life experience, not just a textbook. From detox to sobriety, trust our team to help you through with a high level of skill and care. Below are some of the addiction types we treat:

  • Alcohol;
  • Marijuana;
  • Opiates: Heroin, Oxycontin, Morphine, and Oxycodone;
  • Co-occurring disorders: Drug addiction and Mental illness;
  • Methamphetamines: Meth, Speed, Crystal, Ice, Adderall;
  • Anxiety drugs: Xanax, Benzos, and Klonopin.

Medically advanced detox treatment for addictions to alcohol and multiple poly-substances in a private, relaxed, and comfortable residence.

The NOVO Detox Method optimizes a comprehensive treatment plan for long-term sobriety and recovery by implementing personalized Pharmacogenomic testing, Toxicology testing, History & Physical exam, Psychological & Social Assessment at admission. Comprehensive admission tests are conducted by board-certified doctors, nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists to create privacy, safety, comfort & support.

NOVO’s proprietary enhanced Detox Method utilizes your own DNA to select the safest and most effective drug and dosages based on how your body will metabolize medication for a successful withdrawal during your detox treatment. NOVO Detox’s cutting-edge Bio-Genetic testing will assist you in maintaining long-term sobriety from alcohol or substance abuse.

How Does  Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation at Novo Detox Work?

The medical detox portion of your stay will always be determined by your medical needs and can last 3-14 days. Our normal alcohol detox can last 5-7 days , opioid detox 7-10 days and benzodiazepines 10-12 day. Our medical director will work closely with you to determine the best protocol. But treatment is not just physical as we all know. The normal length of full residential rehabilitation is 30, 60, 90 days combined. Each individual has different clinical needs. During and after the initial medical detox portion of your stay our clinical team will work with you to recommend a treatment plan. The clinical team will work with you to identify the underlying issues that lead you to treatment. Our luxurious environment and top clinical care will provide you a setting to be able to address what has brought you here.


The process of detox is not complete unless toxins are actually eliminated from the body.


The process of taking the toxins from the cells through to its final elimination is called drainage.

Ping-Pong Effect

NOVO herbal and homeopathic remedies prevent toxic stress to your bio-energetic level, chemical levels and tissue levels eliminating the phenomenon known as the Toxic Ping-Pong Effect.

Avoiding the Toxic Ping Pong Effect

The Ping Pong Effect is prevented by applying a systematic approach that regulates your detox process by enhancing the regeneration of your filtering organs, especially your lungs, liver, kidneys, GI tract, lymphatics and connective tissues along with nutritional enzymatic support.



On-Staff Experts

Our staff of medical detox experts is comprised of industry luminaries and highly trained specialists on -site 24/7/365.



Years of Experience

Nearly a half-century of cumulative medical detox experience allows NOVO’s staff to be compassionate, earnest and accurate in every patient interaction. Our compassionate and knowledgeable admissions team is ready to take your call or chat with you 24 /7. All calls and live chat sessions are strictly confidential! You can also fill out the contact form below. Our specialist will contact you ASAP and will be able to answer any questions you may have. If you need FREE help please contact the National Helpline about mental and/or substance use disorders, prevention, treatment, and recovery. Novo Detox is in-network with most insurances companies. We accept private and corporate insurances. Unfortunately, we do not accept Medi-Care or MediCal. We look forward to speaking with you and to helping you or your loved one to get quality residential addiction treatment in Los Angeles. Contact us today via phone, live chat, contact forms, or email! We work 24/7 and provide the same-day admissions.