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Novo Detox’s addiction treatment center is a detox and inpatient rehab facility in Los Angeles, fully accredited by The Joint Commission, the California Department of Health Care Services, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

We are the best detox and rehab center for addiction in California, because we have a full staff of caring and empathetic, dedicated experts available to our patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation programs have a high recovery rating, with our patients avoiding the ping pong effect.

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Top Rated Outpatient Drug Rehab Center in Los Angeles

Novo Detox provides Los Angeles residents with the best outpatient drug rehab programs that are carefully designed to support patients in addressing and healing from their addiction with the support of our compassionate counselors and evidence-based therapy methods. While you know deep down you are ready to turn away from your life of drug addiction and begin the recovery process of healing from the deep seeded causes of your substance abuse, you have to take into account your busy lifestyle that is full of work, school, and family commitments. Outpatient rehab provides patients with flexible options that are based on their level of need and support. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the levels of care that you need to overcome your drug addiction with the ongoing support of our recovery center offered within our continuum of care for addiction treatment processes. 

For patients that have completed an inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles and a residential treatment program, the thought of transitioning back into your home environment can come with worries or fears about how you will overcome potential triggers and remain sober. It serves as a beneficial stepping stone to going from inpatient rehab to an outpatient rehab program. Patients are able to take what they have learned within inpatient residential treatment and apply it to their everyday life with the added benefit of continuous support from addiction counselors who will work with you to process the challenges and successes you experience within early addiction recovery. 

Drug Rehab That Allows You To Still Go To Work & School

While you are ready to take the courageous step to overcome your drug addiction, for some it may not be possible to put your life on hold to enter into a residential drug treatment program for a prolonged period of time. At Novo Detox, we want to provide all individuals with an opportunity to heal from addiction and break down any barriers to success by providing a variety of treatment options.

Choosing an outpatient rehab option supports patients in receiving the necessary care needed from an addiction treatment program while taking into account their previous responsibilities and commitments. Our addiction counselors will take the time to get to know your specific circumstances and history with drug abuse to be able to formulate an addiction treatment schedule and program that is based on your levels of care needed. Patients will be able to continue working or attending school as your drug rehab program schedule will be based on your prior schedule for school and work.

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab

There are many reasons why Los Angeles residents decide to heal from their drug addiction through a Los Angeles outpatient rehab program. Common benefits that Los Angeles, California residents experience from participating in various methods of outpatient rehab are:

Flexible treatment options: Outpatient rehab allows for patients to create a treatment schedule that is tailored to fit into their lifestyle allowing you to uphold your prior commitments and tend to their loved ones.

Maintain your privacy: There are some patients who express concern about entering inpatient rehab and encountering someone that they know. Outpatient allows you the opportunity to receive the same evidence-based treatment without having to reside within a recovery center with other individuals that you could have the potential in knowing.

Tailored to meet your individual needs: Outpatient rehab is centered around your specific needs for personal growth and healing. Along with a schedule that is customized to meet your current lifestyle, patients will be provided with specific addiction therapy methods that will enhance their healing and improve their road to recovery. 

An affordable option for drug rehabilitation: Outpatient rehab tends to be a more affordable option for addiction treatment as it eliminates the cost of lodging within the recovery center and eliminates the cost of food or extra services needed if you were to attend an inpatient rehab program. 

Support from loved ones: By having the option to attend an outpatient rehab program, patients have the freedom to return home each night where they will be close to their loved ones. Patients within an outpatient program often find that they are able to build strong, supportive relationships that will serve to build you up and hold you accountable for your recovery process. 

Opportunity to enhance the skill that you learned within residential treatment- Patients will be able to take what they have learned within their individualized residential treatment program for coping skills, relapse prevention methods, and life skills development and apply them to their new life of sober living. As you go through trial and error with these skills, you will have the ongoing support of addiction counselors who will be by your side to process and reevaluate your strategies for relapse prevention and healthy life skills and balance.

What to Expect During Outpatient Rehab

Depending on which outpatient rehab option you choose either partial hospitalization or an intensive outpatient program, you will be invited to attend the recovery center for a certain amount of days each week where you will be able to participate in addiction treatment therapy methods and group processes that teach you specific life skills and tools for living a life of healthy addiction recovery.

How Long Does Outpatient Rehab Last With Novo Detox?

Your time in outpatient rehab will be dependent on your personal needs for addiction recovery. Patients will often attend an outpatient rehab program of either intensive outpatient rehab or a partial hospitalization program for a period of three months. Once patients have completed an IOP or PHP, the next step is often an outpatient rehab program that provides a casual, flexible schedule that invites patients to continue to have support for up to another year.

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a flexible option for addiction treatment. Patients are able to attend the center three times a week for a period of three hours at a time. An Intensive Outpatient Program allows for patients to choose what time of day they attend the recovery center for drug addiction treatment that will fit within their predetermined schedule and commitments. Patients will have been invited to participate in one on one therapy sessions and group therapy processes that will assist them in overcoming any hurdles to success in sobriety that they have encountered within their home environment while still keeping them connected to a recovery community of other fellow drug addicts who are in early addiction recovery. Patients in an IOP are encouraged to follow an aftercare plan that incorporates attending the treatment facility while participating in addiction support groups such as 12-step treatment programs to help keep you focused and on track to meet your addiction recovery goals.

PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program)

Los Angeles, California residents looking for an outpatient treatment program that provides higher levels of structure and support will opt to participate in a partial hospitalization program, otherwise known as a day program. 

In a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), patients are invited to attend the center during the day for up to six hours a day for approximately six days a week. When you attend the residential drug rehab center, you will have structured days of one on one therapy sessions, group therapy processes, and social or recreational events around the recovery center. After you complete your day program within a partial hospitalization program, you will have the option of returning home to be with your loved ones each night or can choose to reside within a sober living home during this phase of your addiction recovery.

Which Outpatient Treatment, IOP or PHP, Is Right for Me?

You are serious about getting the help you need to overcome your drug addiction but you want to find the appropriate option for addiction treatment. When you are contemplating the appropriate outpatient treatment option it is important to note the levels of care that you require to safely and effectively move into a life of sober living. If you are unsure about the right option for you, the staff at Novo Detox will be here to walk alongside you and provide you with information and guidance about the appropriate and most effective method of outpatient rehab.

Why Choose Novo Detox for Intensive Outpatient Treatment or Partial Health Programs?

Novo Detox provides patients with the tools and resources needed to safely overcome their drug addiction through an outpatient drug rehab format. We take the time to get to know your personal history of drug abuse and your overall goals for living in sobriety. Your story and voice are important and we want to hear from you so you can lead the way in your healing journey. Our team is dedicated to going above and beyond to see our patients succeed in addiction recovery by providing the education and tools needed for relapse prevention and living a healthy, balanced life.

Contact the team at Novo Detox to hear more about outpatient rehab centers that are close to you and provide you with unconditional care and support as you embark on this life-changing journey.