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Top Rated Alcohol Rehab in Austin

Novo Detox is a treatment center with a detox and inpatient rehab facility that The Joint Commission fully accredits, the California Department of Health Care Services, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

We are the best detox and rehab center for addiction for Austin, Texas residents because we have a full staff of caring and empathetic, dedicated experts available to our patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our drug and alcohol detox in Austin and rehabilitation programs have a high recovery rating, with our patients avoiding the ping pong effect.

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Top Rated Alcohol Rehab in Austin

Are you struggling with alcohol addiction? Is there a possibility that you may need addiction recovery assistance and mental health treatment? If the answer is yes, then you must reach out to a treatment center in Austin. At Novo, we offer treatment programs that will provide you with the basis for your long-term recovery. At Novo Detox, we understand that every client that comes to our treatment facility needs and deserves a personalized addiction treatment plan. Therefore, regardless of which one of the recovery programs you select, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your needs will always be seen.

What Is Alcohol Rehab Like?

When you’re amid addiction, thinking about working through a recovery program is something that can seem incredibly overwhelming. One of the reasons for this is that you will need to work through the root causes of your addiction during the time that you’re in rehab. Many people experienced some form of trauma in their childhood which slowly but surely manifested into addiction, while others experienced trauma later in life. 

Regardless of when you experienced this trauma, participating in therapy will help you to work through these triggers which may have led you down a negative path. At Novo, you will not only participate in different forms of behavioral therapy but also have the chance to participate in individual therapy, group therapy, and even trauma-based therapy. All these forms of counseling will provide you with the insight that you need to change the direction that you’re going in your life and help you understand that you don’t need to live a life filled with substance abuse. While therapy may be challenging at times, committing to be open and honest during your time in treatment is something that will only help you going forward.

What to Expect During Rehab?

Your experience in addiction treatment is something that will be dependent on your personal preference when it comes to your individual treatment program. For example, if you decide to work through an inpatient treatment program, you will have the opportunity to live on the campus of our beautiful recovery facility. You will enjoy the around-the-clock care that comes with this option, and you will also be able to interact with others working through their addiction treatment program. 

On the other hand, an outpatient program is a much more flexible treatment option. If you have work or school responsibilities, you will likely find an outpatient treatment program the better option for you. At Novo, we offer personalized outpatient treatment programs including intensive outpatient treatment and partial hospitalization treatment. The unique distinctions between these treatment options are something that our recovery team can better explain to you when you initially reach out to us.

How Long Is Alcohol Rehab?

The length of time you will spend in an inpatient treatment program or an outpatient treatment plan is a personal decision you will make with the guidance of our addiction specialists. Typically, an individual suffering from alcohol addiction will need anywhere between 30 and 90 days in addiction recovery.

30-Day Rehab

There are many reasons why a person would opt to work through a 30-day program at a recovery center in Austin Texas. For example, if you don’t feel comfortable with a longer substance use disorders treatment program or you simply don’t have the flexibility to commit to a longer program, a 30-day treatment option may be the best choice for you.

60-Day Rehab

A 60-day rehab program allows you to start building on what you learned about treatment in your initial 30 days. You can commit to a 60-day program straight away, or you can opt to continue on your addiction treatment journey.

90-Day Rehab

If you have been struggling with addiction for a long period of time, you may find that deciding to work through a 90-day treatment program is in your best interests. A 90-day treatment program provides you with an extended period of time to be able to focus on yourself. Whether you decide to work through a 90-day inpatient or a 90-day outpatient program, you will have the continuous support of your addiction treatment team with you every step of the way.

12-Step Alcohol Rehab in Austin

You will find that a 12-step treatment program will help you learn what steps you need to take to make peace with your addiction and what you can do to build better relationships with your higher power and other people. If you have ever been to an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting, you will recognize that the 12 steps are recited during each meeting. The 12 steps are something you will focus on during your time in treatment, and as long as you dedicate yourself to working through them, you will see their benefit.

Executive Alcohol Rehab in Austin

If you’re an executive or a business owner, it may be impossible for you to commit to a typical inpatient treatment program. An executive alcohol rehab program will give you the flexibility you need to run your business and focus on your sobriety. Our team will work closely with you so that you can develop a treatment program that doesn’t make you feel as though you need to choose between your business or your overall well-being.

Alcohol Rehab Near Me

An important decision you will need to make when it comes to your treatment is whether or not you are going to stay closer to home when it comes to working through a program or changing the environment around you. If you feel as though your current environment is not supportive of the sober lifestyle that you’re looking to maintain, then it may greatly benefit you to travel to a different location for a period of time for your treatment. Remember, our team will always provide you with the guidance that you need to make this important decision.

Breathwork Therapy

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by something in your life that you feel like you cannot breathe? If the answer is yes, then you wouldn’t be alone. Breathwork therapy can help you to learn certain skills that you utilize to be able to better manage the anxiety or the stress that you may feel at any given point during your day. The great advantage of breathwork therapy is that it’s a technique you can use anywhere at any time.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an excellent resource for an individual who may be struggling with a variety of mental health conditions as well as addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy may seem challenging at first when you’re faced with starting to work through some of the demons you may have faced throughout your life.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy is an evidence-based form of therapy that we utilize for different clients. Throughout the course of your time in active addiction, there is a strong possibility that you likely picked up negative behaviors. Dialectical behavioral therapy is a form of counseling that is designed to help you to recognize these negative behaviors and give you the tools that you need to be able to change them.

Family Systems Therapy

Another form of therapy that we offer in both our residential treatment and outpatient programs is family therapy. During the time that you were in active addiction, there is a strong possibility that your relationships with your family members may have broken down. During family therapy, you will have the chance to reconnect with your loved ones in a healthy way. Our addiction rehab center will provide you and your loved ones with the environment and resources you need to take full advantage of this form of therapy when the time comes.

Why Choose Novo Detox?

Our Austin prescription rehab and recovery center will give you access to the addiction treatments you need when you’re ready to conquer your alcohol addiction. We always go the extra mile to help our patients put together treatment programs to help them establish and maintain their sobriety going forward. If you or your loved ones have questions regarding our substance abuse treatment plan options, we encourage you to contact us. A member of our drugs and alcohol treatment team is available around the clock so make the decision today to get in touch with us.