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Novo Detox is a treatment center with a detox and inpatient rehab facility that is fully accredited by The Joint Commission, the California Department of Health Care Services, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

We are the best detox and rehab in Austin because we have a full staff of caring and empathetic, dedicated experts available to our patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation programs have a high recovery rating, with our patients avoiding the ping pong effect.

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Sober Living in Austin: Choose Novo Detox

Addiction recovery is a journey you will be on for the rest of your life. As such, you must plan for this lifelong recovery as part of your treatment plan. One of the best things you can do to reinforce the important tools and lessons you learned while you were at a recovery center is to take advantage of a sober living environment following your initial treatment program. Participating in a sober housing program can help make the process of transitioning into a sober lifestyle outside the safety of a recovery center easier and help you accomplish the long-term goals and success you need for your recovery.

Benefits of Sober Living With Novo Detox

There are several advantages of utilizing sober recovery homes following a treatment plan. Here are just a few reasons numerous Austin, Texas residents opt to go to a sober home after their recovery program: 


Regardless of whether you struggled with drug addiction or alcohol addiction, you can likely attest to the fact that your life was completely out of control. One of the leading benefits of sober living is the structure that our sober recovery homes offer. You will be accountable for your time in treatment, and you will work with a house manager and other members of your sober community in Austin when it comes to specific roles and responsibilities that you will have in the house. 


For you to remain sober living, there will be certain responsibilities that you will have in terms of household chores and also ensuring that you maintain a job. You will have a curfew and be required to attend different household meetings. 

Learn important life skills

Many people have struggled with addiction and struggle with certain life skills due to their addiction. Life skills that you may have once had you may now find challenging. Sober living will help you relearn these important skills to continue to grow and develop your understanding of life and recovery.

Access to ongoing medical care

Mental health treatment and addiction treatment are often two things that go hand in hand. Simply because you finish your treatment program doesn’t mean that you should discontinue this type of care. When you engage in a sober living program, you will be able to continue on in your medical care which is an asset. Without question one of the main benefits of sober living is the fact that you have the opportunity to continue to participate in different forms of addiction therapy. Addiction therapy is a key factor in your overall treatment program since it will shed insight on the events that may have happened in your life that led you to addiction in the first place. You can continue actively taking part in addiction therapy while you’re in sober living.

Some examples of addiction therapy include: 

Group therapy

Group therapy is an important part of your recovery journey since it helps you develop your support system and interact with others working through their own treatment programs. Being part of a group environment is something that you will experience during your time in sober living. However, actively participating in group therapy will also help you meet other people working through their own treatment programs. 

Individual therapy 

There may be events in your life that you don’t feel comfortable sharing in a group setting which is where individual therapy comes into play. During individual therapy, you will have the privacy that you need to speak with your treatment team and work through more personal issues. 

Family therapy 

Often, individuals who struggle with addiction put their relationships with their families on the back burner. Once you are sober and committed to treatment, family therapy is something that can help you to reunite with your family and help you to redevelop those important relationships. These relationships can help to inspire you and drive that you need to complete your treatment plan and continue on your road to recovery.

Women's Sober Living in Austin

Due to previous trauma, some women feel more comfortable committing to sober recovery housing. These extended care programs remove the stress and pressure that often come with a mixed-gender recovery community. While working through a sober housing program that is specific to women, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you will be able to interact with other women who are mothers, sisters, and daughters.

Men's Sober Living in Austin

In the same way that women feel more comfortable being with other women throughout their sober living program, men can often feel the same way. We also offer a sober living program specifically for men. Throughout the course of your program, you will be able to learn from the other men that are in your program. Having the time to interact and communicate with these other men can help you develop a better understanding of how this addiction has not only impacted your life but also impacted the lives of your family or those you’re close to. You may also find that these men can help you grow your system of support, which is critically important throughout the course of your treatment program.

Aftercare & Alumni Support

One of the features that we also offer as part of our substance abuse treatment options is an aftercare and alumni support system. We schedule different events and activities throughout the year that will allow our alumni to interact with one another to remain focused on their overall goal of remaining sober and healthy. When you get toward the end of your addiction treatment program, we can discuss the options you have for an aftercare program. 

Novo is the best place to start if you’re new to the world of drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery. We have experience working with clients throughout the Austin Texas area that are ready for a new lease on life. It’s important to remember that you will need to take these things step by step. For example, before you can even begin to think about working through an Austin sober living program, you may need to begin your recovery in a detox program which is something that Novo also offers. A detox program typically lasts seven days during which time you will receive the medical care you need as you experience withdrawal symptoms associated with the substance that you’re addicted to. 

Once you complete your detox program, you can transition into an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. The main difference between these two treatment options revolves around your physical location when you’re in treatment. An inpatient or residential treatment program gives you the chance to live at our beautiful facility throughout the duration of your program. This also sometimes makes it easier to continue in your recovery journey and complete a sober living program. 

We also help clients that are unable to commit to an inpatient treatment program. If you have a job or you’re going to school, you may find that an outpatient treatment program is the better option. Through an intensive outpatient or a partial hospitalization program, you can still complete your treatment and not feel like you’re jeopardizing your work or school schedule. You can still take advantage of a sober living program after you complete your outpatient treatment program. 

Whether you’re ready to commit to a sober recovery community or you need to begin your addiction recovery in one of our treatment programs, you can take comfort in the fact that the Novo team will provide you with the personalized care and attention that you need at this phase of your recovery. Our intake team is available around the clock and can provide you with the immediate care needed at this critical stage in your life. Get in touch with us today for more information about your recovery options.

Why Choose Novo Detox for Sober Living in Austin?

The leading reason why so many Austin, Texas residents opt to take advantage of our sober home feature is due to the fact that we also offer several different types of addiction treatment programs. Not only that, but when you opt to work through our medically-assisted treatment in Austin, you will be able to take advantage of our beautiful accommodations as well as feel the care and support of our knowledgeable and experienced treatment team.