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5 Apps to Help You De-Stress

Disclaimer: Novo Detox is not in any way affiliated with the mentioned apps.

During recovery and detox, stress can be an occurring feeling for many individuals. With the innovation of millions of applications on our smartphones, there are many special apps that can help individuals de-stress. It’s important to let out the stress that has been bottling up because you never know how much it actually affects you. Stress is not a fun thing to have, so it’s best to consider implementing the following apps and discover how they can benefit you and your road to recovery.

Colorfy (iOS | Android)
An interesting app to take a look at is “Colorfy”. The app features more than 1,000 different pictures to color such as animals, cats, gardens, famous paintings, and more. Users can even add their own drawings to paint. Coloring is easy, just select a color palette and then tap to color.

There are also a number of brush types for different effects. The app allows for a lot of customizable options to suit users. Drawings are available to use without an internet connection, and they can be shared on social networks. Also, a unique augmented reality virtual gallery lets you visualize your drawings in the real world.

Smiling Mind (iOS | Android)
Another very interesting and free relaxation app available is “Smiling Mind”. The completely free app is made to assist both children and adults. There are specific programs for children of different ages and adults that focus on dealing with the pressure, stress, and different challenges of everyday life.

Sessions also cover mindfulness in the classroom and in the workplace. There are a wide variety of meditation lengths to select from, and you can even check in with yourself at the beginning and end of a session to evaluate your stress level.

7 Cups (iOS | Android)
“7 Cups” is a handy app for when you just need someone to talk to. This app has trained active listeners that are available to chat with you via text or online and to be there to help you through difficult times. If you are going through recovery and need to vent to someone, this app could be ideal for you. For some people, talking about what’s wrong can help you de-stress and identify the things that are bothering you.

Breathe2Relax (iOS | Android)
“Breathe2Relax” is a great relaxation app for users who want to practice deep breathing without any prior experience. Unlike other apps that focus on meditation, Breathe2Relax focuses on both breathing and tools to help reduce your stress levels.

It guides you through breathing exercises and offers the option of listening to music during each session to help create a calm environment. Additionally, for Apple devices, the app offers support for the Health app and Apple Watch so you can see how a breathing exercise impacts your heart rate.

What’s Up? (iOS | Android)
Not to be confused with WhatsApp, What’s Up? uses techniques from both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help users cope with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and anger.

Furthermore, the app offers a diary feature with a scale for rating your emotions, a “catastrophe scale” to help you put problems in perspective, breathing techniques, and an interactive game with questions to keep you feeling grounded during moments that can be stressful. It also has forums, positive quotes, and metaphors to essentially help you focus on feeling good and getting rid of stress.
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