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Addiction Recovery Resources

Foods That Can Stop Alcohol Cravings

Resisting Alcohol Cravings For those in addiction recovery, dealing with alcohol cravings is a daily struggle. However, specific lifestyle changes, including exercise and nutrition, can help control some cravings. The key is to choose foods that support brain chemistry, improve a healthy gut, and promote steady blood sugar throughout the day. There are several reasons …

Benefits of Nutrition in Addiction Treatment

How Important Is Nutrition in Addiction Treatment? An effective addiction treatment program focuses on supporting each patient to heal from addiction within their body and mind. While amid a drug and alcohol addiction, substance abuse strains your physical health and well-being. As your lifestyle revolves around your drug and alcohol abuse, the ability to properly …

How Healthy Eating Can Help You During Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery and Nutritional Health While most people will agree that going through detox and allowing the body to rid itself of drugs and other contaminants is an integral part of substance abuse recovery, many fail to realize how consuming a healthy diet can further enhance their addiction recovery efforts. A healthy, well-balanced diet is …