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5 Business Icons Open About Their Struggle With Drugs and Alcohol

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Highly Successful People

There is often a picture depicted in the media of individuals with substance use disorders who come from lower socioeconomic statuses or experience hardships, including loss of employment, housing, or connections with others. Drug and alcohol addiction is often characterized by individuals having a decline in performance in work or school and demonstrating an inability to maintain daily life commitments and responsibilities.

However, some individuals are considered high-functioning alcoholics or high-functioning addicts that can maintain the high demands of work and show little to no symptoms or indicators that drug and alcohol addiction is impacting their lives. Although it may not appear that substance abuse is creating adverse side effects within a high-functioning addict, drug and alcohol abuse will increase the risk of experiencing physical health and mental health consequences the longer the substance abuse progresses.

Numerous highly successful business leaders and icons with a history of battling drug and alcohol addiction successfully overcame their substance use disorders. Below are five business icons that have been open and candid about their struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

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Audrey Gelman

Audrey Gelman is the founder and CEO of the Wing, a co-working space and social club for women. Gelman openly shared her milestone within Alcoholics Anonymous on Twitter. Gelman had not been public about her struggles with alcoholism within the media prior but took a picture of her chip that was given out with the caption “three years today.”

Larry Kudlow

Larry Kudlow, the White House economic advisor and former Wall Street economic advisor has been open and candid about his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction before starting to work with President Donald Trump as the Senior Economic Advisor. Kudlow has reported that he had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction when working with Bear Stearns and left his position there in 1994 to enter into drug and alcohol rehab. He has been clean and sober for the last 23 years.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has had considerable success in her career as a wellness advisor and CEO of the Oprah Winfrey Network, becoming a billionaire mogul from her business ventures. Oprah has shared through her story on The Today Show that she had started her career as an anchorwoman in the 1970s. During this period, Oprah shared that she struggled with an addiction to crack cocaine.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden was an entrepreneur who started his shoe company out of the back of his car. His success grew, and Madden shoes became a $3 billion company with shoes sold worldwide. The success of Madden shoes became hindered in 2002 when a federal judge found Madden guilty of fraud and money laundering. These crimes were later found to directly result from Madden’s drug addiction. He would go on to seek help within an addiction treatment center and has been sober since 2013.

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Brene Brown

Brene Brown is widely known for her popular Ted talks that speak on the topics of vulnerability and shame and best-selling books. Brown shares that her success is primarily attributed to her journey of overcoming alcohol addiction. Brown has been open about her experiences with alcohol addiction and how Alcoholics Anonymous has helped her to overcome substance abuse and remain clean and sober for the last 26 years.

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