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9 Excuses Addicts Use to Avoid Going to Drug and Alcohol Detox

In 2017 The National Survey on Drug Use and Health discovered that over 20 million people at the time who need substance use disorder treatment. However, only 4 million of these got the required care. The decision to get help for substance use disorder is a highly personal one. Many people experience difficulty when it comes to getting help, and as a result, they come up with excuses to avoid treatment. 

There are those individuals who have lost everything due to drug or alcohol addiction. This includes their family, friends, jobs, or even an education spot, for example, a scholarship. Some of these people feel that rehab will not do any good. 

Others have little chaos but manage to get by. At the back of their head or those around them, we know that there is an underlying addiction problem. These two groups of people and others come up with various excuses to avoid detox and Addiction Recovery in Los Angeles.

The top nine excuses addicts use to avoid going to drug and alcohol detox include:

1. Quitting Is Easy, I Can Stop When I Want

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This is one of the most popular excuses. It is common among individuals who enjoy substance use disorder. Most of these people do not think they have a problem and will not want to undergo drug detoxification in Los Angeles despite advice from friends and family. There are father individuals who try to quit but relapse. They will use this excuse to cover their use disorder. Your physical and mental symptoms will only get worse As Time gets by if you do not get addiction treatment in Los Angeles, California.

2. There Are Individuals Worse Than Me

Most of those who struggle with substance addiction; for example, heroin addiction Los Angeles have social circles with addictive behavior as well. They will often compare themselves to family and friends who have had similar issues, for example, held or legal trouble. This is not a wise excuse because they do not examine their behavior and feelings but point their finger to others to make themselves feel better. If you fall into this category, you will not notice your behavior getting worse.

3. If People Find Out, it Will Be Embarrassing

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One of the distinguishing traits of someone struggling with substance use disorder is that they are secretive. That you may need to take a look at some of the signs that show your loved one is abusing a substance. Others can guess or know that their loved one is being secretive or has a substance use disorder. 

The best decision you can make if you use this excuse is to reach out to your loved ones and talk about the problem. This will minimize the long-term damage, which could even break relationships. If you suspect your loved one is abusing, try to reach out to them with love rather than rebuke. This will make their Los Angeles CA addiction treatment process easier quicker and more effective.

4. I’ll Lose My Job

Under the Family Medical Leave Act, you can take an unpaid leave of up to 12 weeks to get medical treatment, and this includes addiction treatment. This act offers you job security during this period. All public agencies and companies with at least 50 employees are subject to this law.

5. I Can’t Raise Funds for Rehab

There are addiction treatment programs that cost more than others. The cost depends on various factors. For example,

  • If the medical staff will offer medical detox.
  • If the treatment covers a co-occurring disorder, such as mental health issues.
  • The facilities of the drug detox centers in Los Angeles.
  • Other available services, for example, food management, access to computers, or cellphone, and more. 

When it comes to the cost of rehab should take it as any other medical condition. This means that you will devote and look for the necessary resources to get help for your loved one for yourself. Drug rehab centers in Los Angeles offer various payment options and reductions, for example, through scholarships and shared rooms.

6. I Need the {substance} for My Depression and Stress 

Some individuals fall into substance use disorder as they try to treat depression, stress, and anxiety symptoms. If you use alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism for a long while, you will get addicted. The best addiction treatment in LA California will address the issue and provide programs to try and treat them. Examples of these programs include group counseling on one counseling cognitive behavioral therapy family therapy, and more.

7. I Have the Right to Do What I Want With My Life

Listening seems like a rational excuse to you, but if we only need you deeper into disorder. This is a carefree mentality that can lead to risky behaviors such as driving under substance influence or engaging in protected sex, which could endanger you and society.

Novo Detox LA| a group of friends enjoying music together, alcohol rehab California LA, detox centers in CA, opiate addiction los angeles

8. I Am Not an Addict

This is a symptom of denial. Most individuals with this excuse experience substance abuse issues; for example, they still have the job security they have at home and the family. You experience severe addiction signs if you maintain the denial. The first step towards meth addiction recovery Los Angeles or any other substance use disorder recovery is acceptance.

9. I Know People Who Went to Rehab and Relapsed

The National Institute on Drug Abuse covered that the rate of substance use disorder relapse is similar to the rate of relapse in other chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancer. Relapse is not the end of recovery, and in most cases, it is part of it. The best addiction treatment in California includes aftercare to help prevent relapse among patients. 

Novo Detox: Best Addiction Treatment in California

Novo Detox is a 24/7 drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation facility located in Los Angeles, California. We offer detox and drug use disorder treatment of various substances. For instance, we treat addiction to alcohol, heroin, and prescription drugs like methadone or periods morphine benzodiazepines codeine barbiturates and more. 

Our trained and experienced medical professionals also target co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, codependency, post-traumatic stress, and more. With drug addiction treatment, for example, opioid detox takes 7 to 10 days, while alcohol detox takes 5 to 7 days. We have accreditation from credible organizations like benefit California Department of Health Care Services and the joint commission. 


A large number of individuals struggling with substance use disorder hardly get the required treatment. In 2017, 4 million out of 20 million people struggling with substance use disorder struggling with substance used disorder got the appropriate treatment. People come up with various excuses to avoid drug and alcohol detox and treatment. The excuses are used by both individuals who have experienced the effects and those who have not.

The excuses include:

  • Quitting is easy I can stop when I want 
  • We are individuals worse than me
  • If people find out it will be embarrassing
  • I’ll lose my job 
  • I can’t raise funds for rehab 
  • I need the {substance} for my depression and stress
  • I have the right to do what I want with my life 
  • I am not an addict 
  • I know people who went to rehab and relapsed

The best drug rehab center in Los Angeles like nobody talks specializes in aftercare and puts your doubts to rest. You will have access to trained medical professionals with more than 40 years of experience and have access to luxurious facilities, which will be the detoxification and rehab process. The substance use disorder will only get worse if you keep up the doubts full stop Contact Us Now to start your Addiction Recovery in Los Angeles, California.
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