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Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Detox

Detox is the first critical step in overcoming addiction and achieving recovery. If you have chosen to undergo drug detox, you probably have more questions than answers. We’ve put together some of the frequently asked questions concerning drug detoxification.

Does going to a detox program mean I’m a failure?

On the contrary, enrolling in one of our opiate detox programs or alcohol dependence detox programs is a responsible decision that can put you back in control of your life. People can become addicted to drugs and alcohol through no fault of their own and taking the necessary steps to rid yourself of addiction means you’re on your way to winning back control. Whether you’ve become addicted due to recreational overuse or due to a medical condition that required prescription painkillers, seeking help to overcome your addiction is a healthy, responsible decision that will help you and your loved ones.

Do I qualify for a substance detox program?

As of 2015, almost 40 million people in the U.S. qualified for a substance addiction program and another 80 million were classified as at-risk users who needed help. Many of these people don’t get help for a variety of reasons, and the main reason is that they think there’s a stigma to substance addiction. There’s no stigma attached to seeking help for a substance addiction any more than there is for going to a medical doctor if you are ill. If you think you need help, you probably do. Don’t delay seeking help for your addiction because you think you may not qualify.

Will my treatment be confidential?

We’re bound by both state and federal law to maintain the confidentiality of our patients’ information. From the time of your initial contact to the completion of the program, we do our utmost to ensure the confidentiality of your information. We want you to commit to the completion of your program, and we commit to keeping your information private.

Can I leave if I want?

Although we strongly encourage our clients to remain in the program, they’re not prisoners. If you have voluntarily enrolled yourself in one of our opiate detox programs or alcohol dependence detox programs, you are legally free to leave at any time. Although the initial few days may be difficult for those in one of our detox programs, we carefully monitor all our clients to ensure they are physiological, psychologically, and physically safe. We encourage our clients to remain throughout the program so that they can regain their health, their independence, and their lives. If you need to leave due to an emergency, make sure to advise your treatment counselor so they can help coordinate the details of your trip.

Can I detox myself?

Detoxing from opiates or alcohol should only be done under medical supervision, and we don’t encourage anyone to attempt to detox on their own. We have skilled medical professionals who will safely guide you through the physical and psychological aspects of detox so that you can safely emerge clean and sober.

What about withdrawal symptoms?

Your body has become accustomed to relying on drugs or alcohol or both and suddenly withdrawing from them can adversely affect you both physically and psychologically. Our expert medical staff will help you safely withdraw from your addiction as comfortably as possible.

Are all detox programs the same?

All detox programs are not the same. Some offer rehab in addition to detox, prices can vary dramatically, the quality of staff can vary, and your needs and dedication can affect the outcome. Our opiate detox programs and alcohol dependence detox programs will be tailored to your needs, and we’ll work with you to safely free your body from the deleterious side effects of substance addiction.

How long will I be in the program?

The length of each client’s program will be determined by the unique needs of the client. Since each treatment regimen is tailored to the individual, the details of the program and the length of it will vary. We want to ensure that you maintain your sobriety so to that end, your program has no set end date. We’ll work with you after your formal treatment plan has ended so that you can remain clean and sober. If you ever have a problem or a relapse, we’re here to help you.

What about cost? Will my health insurance cover detox?

The cost of a detox program will vary depending on the individual. Factors that will influence the cost include your level of dedication to becoming clean and sober, the length of time you need to stay at our facility, and medications needed to ensure that you safely detox. When you visit our facility, we’ll ask some questions and give you a cost estimate or you can call our office for more information. Most insurance companies cover detox programs because they realize that clean and sober living is more cost-effective than substance addiction. No matter the reason you’re addicted, there’s no stigma in becoming clean and sober so don’t let that thought deter you from enrolling in a detox program.

What about detox teas and patches?

Although you may see advertisements for detox teas and patches, they’re not effective at substance detox. There’s a physiological process that the body goes through when detoxing from drugs or alcohol or both, so compensation needs to be made for the withdrawal symptoms. If it isn’t, sudden withdrawal from the substance without compensating for the lack of it can be dangerous or deadly.

Are drug detox and alcohol detox the same processes?

Each detox program is tailored to the individual and their addiction. Those who are addicted to both drugs and alcohol require a different treatment regimen than those who are addicted to only one substance. A drug or alcohol treatment regimen alone may require different procedures depending on the individual and the level of their addiction.

If you have any additional questions that weren’t covered in this article, please feel free to contact us. Addiction recovery is closer than you think- and it all starts with taking the first step in detox.