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LGBT-Friendly Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Addiction in the LGBT Community

Unfortunately, members of the LGBT community are almost twice as likely to suffer from a substance abuse disorder than other groups. A combination of the harsh stigma surrounding gender and sexuality that leads to mental illness and the lack of unique support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Queer/Questioning people means many in this community handle these issues by turning to drugs and alcohol to self medicate. This drug and alcohol use has even incorporated itself into a party lifestyle for certain LGBT members as they attempt to escape and numb their confusion and isolation surrounding who they are inside.

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Luckily, addiction treatment is available for the LGBT community. Keep reading to learn how addiction treatment can benefit people in the LGBT community facing drug or alcohol dependence.

Addiction Treatment Needs for LGBT

Not every drug and alcohol rehab will have the tools to help an LBGT person achieve long-term sobriety. Along with dual diagnosis treatment plans to address co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders, medical professionals and counselors need to have a background in understanding LGBT culture. This knowledge will help them sort through trauma associated with identifying their gender or sexuality through the use of behavioral therapy, family therapy, and residential treatment.

Many LGBT people, along with struggling with their identity, face backlash and other obstacles from their family members or other influencing adults who played a role in their upbringing. Many drug and alcohol treatment programs call upon religion or spirituality to become the support system through recovery, but this can be a sore spot for members of LGBTQ communities who have been told their identity or sexuality is sinful and rejected by religion.

What to Expect in LGBT-Friendly Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Along with the understanding that LBGT community members face higher rates of substance abuse and addiction due to the trauma, stigmatization, violence, and harassment they often face as a result of living their truth in their genders and sexuality, experienced LGBT friendly treatment centers will cater their services to the needs of this demographic. That means having medical professionals and staff members who are peers of this community and can intimately understand their struggles and how to deliver the tools they need to recover from addiction. It also means religion will not serve as the default support system as it is often found in mainstream treatment centers. Their team will work with each individual to create unique programs of different types of therapies that meet their needs the best to facilitate their long-term sobriety.

Novo Detox LGBT-Friendly Luxury Rehab

Novo Detox’s Medical Detox and Residential Rehab Center is a modern luxury facility with nearly half a century’s worth of experience from leading doctors, psychologists, counselors, and support staff, dedicated to providing compassionate, earnest, and accurate patient care. Our LGBTQIA-friendly drug rehab offers detox programs, inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programs, and specialized treatment to facilitate relapse prevention and your successful recovery.

We have access to industry luminaries and highly trained specialists with both personal and educational experience with the LGBT community and how these unique lifestyles have been affected by substance use disorder. Our dual diagnosis treatment plans consider every aspect of a person’s personal and family history, mental illness, and how much of their addiction is related to these issues. Every treatment plan is customized to meet your needs so you can begin your journey to a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle free from substance abuse.

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