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Onsite Drug Detox in Los Angeles

What Is the Safest Way to Detox From Drugs?

When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab services, there are many options for people in the Los Angeles California area. At Novo Detox we offer very specific drug detoxification treatments. We know that each type of substance affects people differently, so we offer particular treatment options. We have detox treatment plans for alcohol, opioids, heroin, and many other substance categories to meet the needs of our individual clients.

We also know that drugs and alcohol impact individuals differently, depending on their exact circumstances. The type of substance a person uses, their family background, their environment, and other factors regarding abuse and addiction comes into play. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance use disorders, give us a call today. Our exceptional counselors and support staff members will guide you through all of the drug detox and other substance abuse rehab options we offer.

It cannot be said enough that if at all possible, alcohol detox and drug detox should not be conducted at home. Individuals can successfully handle their withdrawal symptoms independently, but the risks far outweigh the rewards. One of the biggest advantages of going through drug detox in a hospital or recovery center is the several layers of relapse prevention these environments provide. First, there is the physical barrier between someone going through alcohol withdrawal, opioid withdrawal, or any other substance and the outside world where finding something to drink or use can be easily acquired. Even if you sanitize your home of substances, all it takes is a simple phone call or car ride if you succumb to your cravings. Being in a drug and alcohol-free treatment facility is the first layer of relapse prevention.

The second layer comes from the medical professionals and addiction recovery personnel who support drug abusers and drug addicts as they go through the detox process. The team of people someone who is going through alcohol or drug detox works with are professionals whose one goal is to help people begin their addiction treatment and get on the road to recovery. They are there around the clock and provide basic medical attention for withdrawal symptoms, ensure patients get proper meals, hydration, rest, and activity, and lend an ear whenever necessary.

The third layer is using either over-the-counter or prescription medications to help with cravings and the side effects of withdrawal. Many drug addicts undergoing detox experiences common symptoms like headaches, body aches, nausea, and sleeplessness. All of these can be mitigated with over-the-counter drugs. In some cases, Medication Assisted Detox protocols are used. In these instances, medical professionals administer prescription medications for specific types of withdrawal, like opioid addiction and opioid withdrawal symptoms.

To discover the benefits of addiction treatment at Novo Detox and start the admission process, click here to call (844) 834-1777 today.

What Happens at an Onsite Drug Detox Program?

Onsite drug rehab can be the first step in a person’s road to recovery. Staff members assess individual patients have their physical and psychological health as part of the admissions process. Then they are shown their accommodations so that they can get settled in. Novo Detox is a luxury rehab center with many amenities and well-appointed rooms for our alcohol detox, alcohol rehab, drug detox, and drug rehab clients. Once all of this has been completed, patients meet with medical professionals to go over the detox protocols they will take part in during their residential treatment.

Novo Detox LA| Onsite Drug Detox in Los Angeles

How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

Drug detox typically takes three to 10 days. Some patients take a longer time to fully cease experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Medication Assisted Detox takes an extended time as a person is slowly weaned off all substances.

Novo Detox Onsite Drug Detox in Los Angeles

Our onsite drug detox provides the best atmosphere to ensure patients can remove harmful toxins from their bodies in a comfortable and professional environment. If you have any further questions about residential treatment for drug detox, please give us a call at (844) 834-1777 today. We are ready and eager to help you begin your addiction recovery.