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Treatment and Amenities in Luxury Rehab: What to Expect

What Is Luxury Rehab Like?

When you have been living with a drug and alcohol addiction and are ready to begin the necessary steps to overcome your substance abuse, you can receive the support of an addiction treatment program at a luxury rehab facility like Novo Detox. The common perception of an addiction treatment center is that individuals stay with an uncomfortable and institutional recovery center. However, when you choose to remain within a luxury rehab center, you will be provided with the highest levels of care and evidence-based therapy methods within a recovery center that boasts relaxation and comfort. Patients will be offered top-tier amenities that support a whole-person integrated approach to healing and treatment that are unlike any other industry-standard treatment centers. 

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Luxury Rehab Treatment Programs

Choosing to heal within a luxury treatment center means you can access highly qualified and licensed therapists’ leading, top-tier addiction therapy approaches. Patients will be invited to participate in individual therapy and group therapy sessions that will support them in overcoming their history of drug and alcohol addiction while developing the tools and coping skills to live a balanced, healthy life in addiction recovery. 

Addiction treatment will incorporate a variety of types of treatment that will support you in healing from the underlying causes of your drug and alcohol addiction. You will develop a new lifestyle incorporating health and wellness and engaging in relaxing, enjoyable activities that will provide you with opportunities for rest and rejuvenation. 

Luxury rehab will offer the following addiction treatment methods: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy 
  • Biopsychosocial assessments that will support your addiction clinician in choosing an effective treatment plan
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy 
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy 
  • Nutritional health and wellness groups and therapy sessions 
  • 12-step addiction treatment methods, including alcoholics anonymous 
  • Denial management and anger management 
  • Strength building sessions 
  • Healing through creative approaches 
  • Interpersonal relationship skill-building 
  • Aftercare planning and programs 
  • One-on-one case management that is centered around your specific goals for addiction recovery 
  • Trauma therapy includes seeking safety practices to support the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder 
  • Dual diagnosis treatment 
  • Medication-assisted treatment 

How Amenities Differ in Luxury Rehab

A luxury rehab setting provides patients with an environment that resembles a health and wellness retreat compared to industry-standard treatment centers that can feel more like a punishment than a cause for celebration. As patients go through your addiction treatment process within luxury rehab, they will be invited to engage in activities and amenities that offer opportunities to connect with other patients. It will also allow time for relaxation and self-care as you go through the healing process of addiction treatment. Patients in a luxury rehab will be offered their own private bedrooms and bathrooms, allowing you to have a safe haven to decompress after a day of therapeutic sessions and put your feet up each night to enjoy your favorite show on Netflix, take a relaxing bath, or get lost in a good book. Luxury rehabs offer other top-tier amenities, including:

  • State-of-the-art gym facilities 
  • Private chefs cook nutritious and delicious meals and snacks for you each day 
  • Private rooms with personal TVs with access to online streaming and video games
  • Fitness classes, yoga, and swimming pools 
  • Comfortable lounge areas and movie theaters 

Benefits of Choosing Luxury Rehab 

Deciding to put your addiction recovery into the trusted clinicians at a luxury rehab provides many benefits that will foster personal growth and healing to ensure you have long-term success in sober living. Luxury rehab offers the following benefits to patients:

  • A diverse treatment plan that utilizes a combination of the highest regarded evidence-based therapy methods that will provide optimal healing for your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health 
  • Luxury rehabs provide patients with therapeutic support from licensed addiction clinicians that are highly trained with the best credentials. 
  • Patients will be offered a variety of amenities and alternative methods to treatment that will complement traditional talk therapy methods and meet the therapeutic needs of all patients.
  • The consistent use of holistic practices will support patients in developing healthy coping skills and techniques for the future to help them overcome triggers and stressors while remaining true to their goals of staying sober.
  • Luxury rehab feels like a wellness retreat in a resort-like setting that supports patients to become comfortable within their environment, allowing patients to become open and vulnerable to making the necessary steps to heal and overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

Luxury Rehab LA – Novo Detox

At Novo Detox, we offer patients a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center that will support them to safely and effectively address their core emotions and traumas that have influenced their addictive behaviors. This programming allows patients to have success in long-term recovery. We believe that each patient deserves to be given an individualized treatment program that will honor the road to recovery you have had thus far and empower you to find your way in your newfound life in sober living. Contact Novo Detox at (844) 834-1777 today to get yourself on the right track to healing from your drug and alcohol addiction so you can find the life you have always wanted in long-term recovery.