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Mindfulness Therapy

When it comes to treating addiction, there are endless ways of thinking. Mindfulness is a school of thought that has great potential to heal the body and mind in recovery.  When a person practices mindfulness, they are actively paying attention to the present moment, taking into account their current thoughts and feelings without criticism. It’s about acceptance, free of judgment, and taking a neutral stance on what you’re experiencing.

Mindfulness can be described as a sense of mental awareness that originated in meditation practices. Presently, it is used as an element in certain types of cognitive behavioral therapies. One of the basic ways that mindfulness aids in addiction treatment is by slowing the mind down and achieving a sense of tranquility. Calming the mind is a huge accomplishment in recovery, as people may have previously used substances to achieve this. Mindfulness also allows people to start to notice the positive sensory experiences in everyday life that are often overlooked. It also helps people achieve a better understanding of themselves, understanding why they react to things the way they do. Having these new realizations about themselves make it easier to work through the challenges of recovery.