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How to Support a Friend Struggling With Alcohol Addiction

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Early symptoms of alcohol use disorder can be harder to detect, but the earlier an individual stops drinking and seek help, the higher their success rate is for sobriety and long-term recovery. The signs of someone struggling with alcohol addiction generally remain the same if it is early on or significantly progressed, but the stage they are in is indicated by the frequency and severity of the symptoms present. Keep reading to learn more about the symptoms of drinking too much and how to help a friend struggling with alcohol addiction.

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How to Approach a Friend Struggling With Alcohol Addiction

How you want to raise your concern for a friend’s drinking to best guide them towards seeking help depends on how far along in their alcoholism. In the early stages, sitting down and having a heartfelt conversation about why you feel they should reduce their drinking may be enough to get through to them and allow them to decide to overcome alcohol addiction.

If your friend abuses alcohol for a long time, a physical dependency develops, and the alcohol affects the brain. It can produce changes in behavior, so brief interventions with poor planning can push them away from you and deepen their hold on alcohol as a coping mechanism. For someone who is deeply struggling with addiction to alcohol, seek guidance from a qualified intervention counselor, stage a successful intervention with other concerned family and friends, and have a plan in place to begin treatment without delay.

How to Support Your Friend Through Recovery

Recovery from alcoholism is an ongoing process, and those who are just quitting or cutting back on alcohol or beginning their journey receive a significant amount of support to overcome their dependency on alcohol and stay sober through the help of their community. It is likely that if you do not support an individual in their recovery, they will be unable to maintain a relationship with you and withhold from drinking. This is especially true in the early stages of their recovery, where their abstinence from alcohol depends on not being exposed to it.

The best way to support a friend in recovery is to express it through validation, recognition, and approval outwardly. Do not alienate them or make them feel like they are missing out or experiencing less fun by not drinking. You can go the extra mile as a supportive friend by being a sober ally on outings where other friends may be drinking. Still, you will remain sober with them or ensure you have non-alcoholic drink options at your house if you ever host an event.

You can even attend Alcoholics Anonymous or SMART recovery meetings with them if that is something they want, but going to everyone or totally giving up drinking yourself is not a requirement in being a good friend to someone in recovery. Being mindful and respectful of where they are in their journey and being available in a friend capacity is a genuine and beneficial show of support that they will greatly appreciate.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Support at Novo Detox

Novo Detox is a luxury drug and alcohol detox facility in Los Angeles, California. We offer support, highly qualified detox services, and a network of facilities at every level of care needed throughout the addiction recovery process.

For those seeking treatment for alcohol addiction, it is highly recommended that you undergo medically assisted alcohol detox before beginning residential or outpatient treatment. This process involves careful monitoring and medicines administered by trained caregivers. The FDA approves these medications to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms, suppress alcohol cravings, and reduce dependency on alcohol. Allowing your body to return to a state free from alcohol toxins can be an instrumental first step to overcoming addictions and increasing your chances of a successful recovery.

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction and believe you can benefit from a medically assisted detox treatment option, you can call us at (844) 834-1777 anytime. We will be here so you can reach a member of our compassionate and knowledgeable admissions team for more information and same-day admissions.